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“Queering psychology to me, it's like making psychology relevant. Taking it back from this white, Western, white supremacist, male dominant B.S. that doesn't serve us — the majority of us”

Dr. Della V. Mosley

(She's assistant professor of counseling psychology at University of Florida, and also the founder of the Wellness, Equity, Love, Liberation, and Sexuality Healing and Research Collective)

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"If we push on these boundaries a little bit... queer people will be able to have a little look inside the toolbox and pick up what's helpful for them"

Katherine Hubbard

(She's a sociology lecturer at University of Surrey, and the author of Queer Ink: A Blotted History Towards Liberation)

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“For me, queering psychology is about de-pathologization... de-centering heterosexuality and deconstructing that norm”

Jem Tosh

(They wrote Psychology and Gender Dysphoria: Feminist and Transgender Perspectives, and are the Founding Director of psygentra)

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