Queer(ing) Psychology — See you later!

Thank you for talking about queering psychology with us! It was great to meet you. We are around if you ever want to chat. Look us up on Facebook and Twitter.

Who was at the coffee shop?

This exhibit was developed by K. Zoë Martin, a queer studying critical psychology at York University, as well as Alexandra Rutherford, Bree, Cara G., Danielle Christie, Desiree, and V Bragagnolo.

The chattiest people at the coffee shop were Drs. Jem Tosh (they/them) Katherine Hubbard (she/her), and Della Mosley (she/her), because Zoë interviewed them.

Photo Credits

"Coffee Shop near Times Square" by Neo_II is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Rainbow background, courtesy of Alexandra Rutherford

Cappucino on table appears here