Gender-Based Analysis

Gender Matters is an award-winning video series and teaching resource written and produced by the PFV team to help psychology students practice gender-based analysis (GBA). GBA is a set of conceptual tools to help researchers identify and critically analyze how gender assumptions, biases, and ideologies affect every step in the research process. Each video in this series presents and unpacks one of the tools of GBA using examples from psychology. Each video is accompanied by a teaching guide with questions and activities to reinforce the central concepts. These guides are available in the Teaching section of this site.

Video #1

Introduces the concept of gender-based analysis, a way of thinking critically about how gender assumptions, biases, and ideologies affect psychology.

Video #2

Discusses the distinction between sex and gender, how these terms are related, and the great variation that exists within both. The role of gendering and gender norms are also discussed.

Video #3

Outlines the importance of considering how gender norms influence research priorities and outcomes. It also addresses how research can be more inclusive, socially responsible, and relevant by setting gender-sensitive research priorities.

Video #4

Describes how the concepts and theories used in psychology may reflect gender norms and assumptions, how to detect this, and how to analyze the effects and consequences.

Video #5

Explains how gender-based analysis can help psychologists formulate gender-sensitive research questions.

Video #6

Presents factors that intersect with sex and gender and how an intersectional approach can be incorporated into psychological research.

Video #7

Discusses how language and visual representation in psychology may be gendered.

Blooper Reel

We had a lot of fun making these videos - and there were a lot of retakes!