Standpoints is back! Meet your new editors

Posted: Nov 07, 2018

Hello! We are Tal Davidson and Susannah Mulvale, members of Psychology’s Feminist Voices team, and the new co-editors of the Standpoints blog! Under the curation of former editor Dr. Jacy Young, Standpoints has become an engaging and entertaining mosaic of reflections and essays, highlighting a diverse range of psychological topics and feminist perspectives. We are excited to continue adding fresh voices and inspiring ideas to the mix of standpoints featured so far!

To mark the re-launch of Standpoints, our upcoming post by Elizabeth Johnston and Ann Johnson takes a critical look at the role women have had in bringing psychology into the public eye. In the spirit of Standpoints, this piece is a true mashup of feminism, psychology, and history – stay tuned!

Author Bios

Tal Davidson is a PhD student at York University, where he studies the history of humanistic and transpersonal psychology in their socio-political contexts. His additional interests include the histories of scientific epistemologies, critical applications of ecopsychology, and the use of psychological research and pedagogy as platforms for social reform. Tal has been a member of the Psychology’s Feminist Voices team since 2013.

Susannah Mulvale is a PhD student in the Historical, Theoretical, and Critical Studies of Psychology program at York University. Her work focuses on the relationship between psychology and its political context. A member of PFV since 2014, Susannah is also active in political organizing with campus groups and she is an executive of York’s Graduate Students’ Union.

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