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Posted: Nov 07, 2017

By Jacy L. Young

Standpoints is the newest project of Psychology’s Feminist Voices, your favourite source for all things related to the history of women and gender in psychology and contemporary feminist psychology.

We landed on Standpoints as the name for the blog for several reasons. It suggests the common, yet vital, experience of taking a stand. At the same time, the blog itself provides a place for people to express their standpoints on a host of issues. And, finally, Standpoints is an allusion to Feminist Standpoint Theory, a position that emphasizes that our perspectives and our knowledge-making are necessarily rooted in and affected by our particular social locations marked, for example, by gender, race, and class. As the blog takes shape we hope to highlight the situated side of knowledge-making, as we serve as a platform for the varied views of those at the intersections of feminism, psychology, history, and science studies.

Look for new posts on the blog on the first and third Tuesday of each month. And over the coming months tune in the second Tuesday of the month as well, for a very special series of posts giving you a peek into life in one feminist lab. In Dispatches from the Unlikeliest of Labs Sari van Anders and her graduate students will dig into some of the problematics of doing feminist science, including the interesting issues you face when your work on sex, gender, and sexuality.

Other kinds of posts that you can expect to see on Standpoints in the near future (with more to come!):

  • Research Reflections – posts discussing and reflecting on feminist research.
  • Lab Notes – posts taking you into the laboratories of feminist psychologists.
  • Behind the Scenes – posts taking you behind the scenes of events, projects, and more.
  • Connections – posts linking feminism and feminist psychology with broader issues in the world today.

We hope you’ll find the blog an engaging glimpse into the landscape of history, feminism, science studies, and psychology today. And don’t forget to come connect with us on Twitter and Facebook and let us know what you think of this new initiative!

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Author Bio
Dr. Jacy L. Young is a psychologist and historian whose work explores the methods and practices of the human sciences. Dedicated to public engagement, she edits and blogs regularly at Advances in the History of Psychology. As a member of the Psychology’s Feminist Voices team, she serves on the project’s Steering Committee and is the Editor of Standpoints blog.

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