Where do you start?

There are books about queer history, articles with intriguing titles, profiles of queer icons, youtube videos, web resources ... take your pick!

History is a good place to start!

Here are some of our favorite sources to whet your appetite for queer(ing) psychology content. We don't want to overwhelm you! These histories focus on psychology/sexology and queerness specifically, as opposed to more general histories of LGBTQ+ issues, identities, and activism (which is a huge body of literature).

Gill-Peterson, J. (2018). Histories of the transgender child. University of Minnesota Press.

Hegarty, P. (2018). A recent history of lesbian and gay psychology: From homophobia to LGBT. Routledge. Listen to Peter Hegarty here

Hubbard, K. (2020). Queer ink: A blotted history towards liberation. Routledge.

Minton, H. L. (1997). Queer theory: Historical roots and implications for psychology. Theory and Psychology, 7(3), 337-353.

Pettit, M. (2012). The queer life of a lab rat. History of Psychology, 15(3), 217-227.

Rutherford, A., Hegarty, P. & Kazak, A. (Eds.) (2019). 50 Years since Stonewall: The science and politics of sexual orientation and gender diversity. American Psychologist, 74(8). Whole issue.

Snorton, C. R. (2017). Black on both sides: A racial history of trans identity. University of Minnesota Press.

Spandler, H., & Carr, S. (2021). A history of lesbian politics and the psy professions. Feminism & Psychology, 31(1), 119–139.

Now how about some more people here at Psychology's Feminist Voices who have been queering psychology in various ways?

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