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Amanda Nkeramihigo

Amanda Nkeramihigo is a 4th year student in the Honours Psychology program at York University. She is an executive member with BSIP (the Black Students in Psychology association, York University). As BSIP’s Program Director, she created the Black Student Mentorship Program (BSMP) in 2021- the first all-students-run of its kind at York University. Before Amanda moved into Psychology, she worked in the arts, primarily as an artist manager to various young artists of color in Toronto. A passion project spanning many years and borne from her own poetic imaginings, art is something she still considers primordial in and for her intellectual imagination and by extension her personal and intellectual growth. It has also allowed her to escape and validate truths she found nowhere else.

Amanda’s interests are informed by her own history and identities. Some of her interests include: Historical, theoretical, and critical studies of Psychology; Liberation Psychology; Trauma and resilience from the standpoint of the oppressed; Human Rights research; CBR; knowledge systems and epistemologies; Black feminist theories; transnational feminist theories; immigration, war & conflict Psychology; activism and resistance as medicine. She is ultimately interested in critically looking at (and contribute to research around) the way we do Psychology, with an emphasis on investigating the potential role of Psychology in liberation and social justice.