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Kelli Vaughn-Johnson

Kelli Vaughn-Johnson (formerly Vaughn-Blount) is a doctoral student in the Historical, Theoretical, and Critical Studies of Psychology program at York University in Toronto, Ontario, She is a PFV Steering Committee Member and former Social Media Coordinator/Director for the project. She received her Master's degree in Experimental Psychology from University of Central Oklahoma in the U.S.. Kelli is he former Editor of The General Psychologist newsletter for the Society of General Psychology (APA Div 1.) as well as a contributing author and committee member of the American Psychological Association Historical Chronology of Racism along with Dr.'s Cathy Faye and Jennifer Bazar. Her primary research areas include the life and work of Lillien Jane Martin, the history of women in psychological science, feminist psychology, 20th century eugenics, and applied adult developmental psychology. Kelli was a former project coordinator for the Psyence research team and Psychology's Feminist Voices. She has previously served as the student caucus president and student notebook editor for the Association for Psychological Science (APSSC); as News and Notes editor for History of Psychology; and as web developer/Interim Electronics Editor for the Society for the History of Psychology. For more information.